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New Patient Information

1.  All appointments begin on the hour and continue for 50 minutes, except by prior arrangement.

2   Calculate an extra 15 minutes to locate the building at 111 2nd Avenue N, to park, and to ride the elevator.  There is a        parking lot adjacent to the building but also plenty of free 2-hour parking around my block.  Enter the building and          ride any one of the elevators to the 5th floor.  As you exit the elevator, look left and right to see a small seating area.  If

      those two chairs are taken, the conference room in the same alcove is usually open and you may wait there if that is 

      the case.  I will come out for you close to the hour.


3.   You may arrive late, but our sessions will end on time, a courtesy for the person/people with the next appointment.4.         If you don't see me by 7 minutes after the hour, or if you arrive late, please knock gently on my door (Suite 514).


5.  The building is locked at 7pm. If your appointment begins at 7 PM, I will come down to the security desk in the                   lobby to let you in. 

6.  All payments are due at the end of the session. I will accept cash, checks, credit cards, and many medical savings cards.

7.  There is a $40 charge for missed appointments and same-day cancellations/changes.

8.  Please print the Consent to Treatment below and bring to your first appointment.

Consent to Couples/Marital Treatment:  Please print and bring to your first appointment.

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